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Epoxy Flake

Installing a coating makes up for some of the concrete’s initial weaknesses, including brittleness and low tensile strength. Epoxy, in particular, is known as the most durable finish, making it ideal for home garages. In addition to creating a glossy and hard surface, epoxy bonds to the original material and fills in cracks or holes to create a seamless finish. It also provides the added benefit of resistance to chemicals and solvents commonly found in garages, like motor oil, gasoline, bleach, and even acids.

Epoxy is also great for high-moisture areas where mold is a concern, such as outdoor pools. It comes in various colors and designs, allowing you to elevate dull, grey ground and remake it to match your vision. Many people choose epoxy specifically for the customization options. Epoxy flake garage floors are becoming increasingly popular for their combined visual appeal and functionality.

Moreover, epoxy floors are perfect for busy commercial zones like kitchens. As specified by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Food Code, surfaces in commercial kitchens must be smooth, durable, and easily cleanable. In addition to fulfilling the three requirements, epoxy coating is food-safe and naturally water and oil resistant. Not only can it handle extreme kitchen temperatures, but it's also able to withstand high-pressure washing and chemical sanitation. You should also consider using a medium-sized epoxy flake for optimal slip resistance.

Concrete Overlays

Why not consider installing a concrete overlay to repair or redesign your current flooring system? You can avoid the inconvenience and expense of redoing the entire space while reaping the benefits of decorative concrete coating. Instead of ripping out the existing concrete, a professional can place a thin layer of concrete over the current floor. The texture is added by hand. This means you can have a live wood look with knots and cracks, stonework, or even images and lettering, so no two floors are exactly the same.

Once adequately sealed, it can repel dirt, stains, and regular wear and tear. Floor overlays are the perfect cost-effective solution for transforming old, beat-up flooring into a work of art that lasts indefinitely. This can be applied to interior and exterior concrete, walkways, firepits, patios, - any place where there's boring, grey concrete.


Of all the coatings that we are able to provide, metallics can add the biggest wow-factor to your space. There are limitless color combinations so it’s possible to capture any look you might want from a floor that looks like the ocean to a floor that has a polished marble-look. Typically, metallics have been for interior concrete only, but recently a new product has been created to withstand the UV rays that typically break down traditional epoxy, so you can get that designer look outside.

The process for metallic applications begin with grinding and repairing the concrete. Then we add a moisture vapor barrier to protect from delamination safeguarding the design work. After that’s cured, the metallic is mixed with expoxy and poured to create the look you want. Finally we seal the floor with a top coat that is engineered for high traffic.

Rubberized Coatings

This is one of the fastest growing coatings in the United States. Its pliable texture makes it good for home recreation and outdoor living. It is child safe and vehicle friendly, so you can apply it around backyard swings and pools or even in your garage. It’s often used at gyms for high-impact trainings such as Cross-Fit, HIIT and Olympic lifting. But it’s also comfortable, clean, and noise cancelling, perfect for Pilates and Yoga. It’s recommended for horse barns because it’s Anti-Microbial, Anti-Fungal, and Anti-Parasitic. It’s also non-slip and impact safe for animals. This makes it ideal for veterinarian offices, zoos,
horse trailers, animal shelters, or anywhere animals live on hard surfaces.

With 40% elongation (i.e. it won’t crack if the slab moves!) and because it’s impervious to ice melt, rubberized coating is one of the best options for Idaho. Good News Concrete is the only authorized
installer in all of Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Eastern Oregon, Eastern Washington, and Northern Utah.

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