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Concrete is made up of three basic elements, sand gravel and water. Over time these concrete floors can deteriorate, causing cracks, chips and divots. When Epoxy is applied it will protect the concrete from the elements that break it down, as well as provide an easy to clean and beautiful appearance.

It takes about 2-3 days in most cases depending on the application used. Keep in mind, just like any other home improvements, minor adjustments will have to be made. With our Epoxy systems there are a couple of minor inconveniences: all objects will have to be moved off the floor for the duration of the installation/curing process.

Please wait 24 hours before placing anything back on the floor. Cars, trucks, and very heavy objects may have to stay off the floor for up to 6 days for the Epoxy application to be 100% cured. We will go over these things with you in more detail before the installation process begins.

We can make the epoxy flake application very smooth or very textured depending on your preference. The more texture that is added will enhance the traction. We can add an anti-slip top coat to our metallic and overlay system to reduce the potential of slips.

Each project is unique and there are many variables. Some of the variables include the condition of concrete, the intricacy of the design, and the chosen top coat. On occasion, we also need to test the concrete to verify the suitability of the concrete.

Unfortunately we do not do flatwork. We work with contractors in our area and can recommend a qualified contractor to perform that portion of work.

We do not do stamped concrete. We apply a thin concrete coating that allows us to put in texture. Each line, knot or crack is done by hand. Staining is done by hand to create a one of a kind floor.

The simple answer is no. We use high solid epoxies to create long lasting bonds. Our products are time tested and proven to last. We spend time prepping the floor correctly and paying attention to detail and we never cut corners - even if it takes longer. One day is not enough time for the attention to detail all projects deserve, not is it enough time for the floor to cure correctly.

Yes. However, we do not use traditional epoxy. Instead we use a product that looks like epoxy but ultimately is more suitable for exterior applications. This includes both flake, and metallic styles.

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